Pawsome Review

Ahhhh Once again I have an Unboxing and once again, its for my favourite pampered pooch! This time the Victim in 'Paw Post' and i'm about to cut deep into the packing and cut out all the goodies inside. If you've never seen one of my unboxings before or any of my first impressions, the item is split into 3 different sections, Packaging, Wrapping and items, each marked out of 10. If I have already review an item like this it will get a bonus section /10.



Packaging 9/10
The packing was amazing! It was a beautiful blue box covered in text and a large blue logo. Compared to the multiple different boxes I have tried and tested this was the most decorated one, well done Pawsome Box!!

Wrapping 0/10

Items /10
There was such a large variety of different items, 2 bags of dog treats, a toy, a bowl and a fluff remover. The toy was by far the best items, i never knew how much fun you could have with a small rubber squeaky lion toy with your pet. Endless hours have been spent by my dog trying to figure out how it squeaked and the entertainment makes myself and my family topple over in giggle. There were also cute squeaky balls which my and my friends, however found extremely hard to push, so obviously my dog countly squeak them. My dog seemed to love my treat, however after we bullied my friend into eating one, we learnt that they weren't very human-friendly. The bowl was amazing, it had an inner section which was filled with a watery liquid! It looked soo cute and chic and I straight away made it my dog new personal dog bowl

Lucky for you chums I have a little discount code that you can use to get £5 off!



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