Bark Beats Review

So as many of you may or may not know, I am the proud owner of a 5 years old Puppy called Alfie who, to be honest, gets a hella' more attention from my parents then I get from them!
Last week I was contacted by the lovely company 'Bark Beats' who were enquiring about me possibly reviewing one of their boxes and I jumped at the opportunity seeing as I had never gotten any type of 'Doggy Box' before.

Bark Box are an exciting monthly subscription company that send you 5-6 premium fullsize items each month that are tailored to the size of your pup. Not only do they send high brand items but they also donate 10% of their profit to dog rescue homes and shelters.

If you want to see my first impressions check out the video on my youtube channel!

Packaging  6/10
I love packing that enables you to recognise the brand as soon as you receive the box. The packing was printed with 'Bark Beats' On the side in red and also a big BB on the front in the same red font. Otherwize from that the packing was a light brown average box colour

Wrapping /10
Around all the items was a really nice Barks Beats wapping! There was also a little card that told me exactly what was in the box will a small description on it. I found this really useful, especially with all the treats as  then knew exactly what they were.At first I was slightly disapointed with the monagrammed wrapping but then that completly flew away when I saw that the whole of the box was covered in strawm giving it a really exciting Farm Yard feel to it!

Items 6/10
The box included multiple products, Dog tea, cookies, a rope toy and a bone. I didn't give the tea to my dog because it had sedatives in it and I was nervous to give it to my dog as I didn't really want  him passing out on me, The cookies looked great and my dog absolutely loved them. They tasted quite strange to me (Yes i did try them!!), The rope toy was excellent and it also has squeeky parts in the middle. As my dog was chewing the rope he carried on choking on the loose ends which is not good! There was also a silicone bowl which i think was the best thing in there as it was very reuseable

My Reaction 5/10
I think that the box was a good idea, but is has its limits of usefulness.



  1. Cute! I enjoyed watching the video!
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