Summer Party Outifit

Yesterday marked the occasion of my best friends -megan- older brothers 18th birthday (I found out yesterday after my other bestie -eve- told me it was megs party so I ended up getting her a £20 Mac gift card...)
With every new party comes a new outfit choice and the one that I wore I fell in Love with immediately. Whenever I go to a party I usually think of three things, Occasion, Makeup and who's going to be there (Because you don't want to be going to auntie marets 80th birthday with 7" platforms with your knockers hanging out!!!
Obviously I knew the occasion would be casual and I wanted to wear a pinky-brown toned eyeshadow, so after scouring through my wardrobe which still consists of mainly black even though its july, i discovered these items that would go lovely together, both items from my love- hate shop, Forever 21.
Don't get me wrong I love there outfits and items but I always have to order it online because there UK shops are the most unorganised things I have ever come across, as is the online store but not as bad. The only issue I have on the online shop is that it says 3-5 days delivery; 4 weeks later I was still waiting for the clothes I had ordered!

These are super stretchy and measure by waist size, so If you are like me and have slightly larger thighs they stretch and flatter your curves amazingly

LOVE THIS! The only thing I have to say it that the join on the elbow came undone within 5 minutes but it's nothing a simple stitch can't handle!!



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