Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment Review

This time i'm getting straight to the point with the review!

Packaging 1/10
I don't really have a lot to say about this part for it was just a plain brown Fed-Ex box...

Wrapping 8.5/10
The boring packaging what completely made up for in the wrapping aspect as I opened the plain box to see some beautiful personalised wrapping, complete with decorative branding tissue paper in a chic pink colouring which made my heart flutter for  new found love of Paul Mitchell as pink is, and will always be, the best colour everrrrrrrr!!!! There was also a really cute thank you note on top of the wrapping  as well as a small sticker which kept all the paper together. After delicately pulling the tissue paper away, trying not tear it, i was happy to see a lot of paper foaming protecting the new product that I was very excited to be able to test out.

Items 9/10
If I had a points section for smell this would have a high grade as I found this product had a slight hit of a strawberry aroma to it. This product is actually amazing! After only using it twice my hair has become noticeably stronger and smoother with not as many split ends. I am so impressed as no hair saving items have ever worked on my destroyed hair but now I have high hopes for some gorgeous boy-swooning locks to prance around with!
Now hopefully when I balayage the ends of my hair after i've been on my well requested holiday the bleach won't fry the ends of hair and it will be in a neat sexy style

Would I recommend
YES 100%
If you hair is dead with millions of split ends like mine you must go and grab one of these to save you!

Thanks a million to Paul Mitchell for sending me this products to test out. If you are a company looking for a honest review please email me, info on my contact page!! 



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