Prettie For Your Face Review

Frozen, Under the sea, By Starlight, Galaxy Glam Highlighter

Pretties For Your Face Review

What I got sent:
Galaxy Glam Highlighter-

By Starlight Eyeshadow-

Under The Sea Eyeshadow-

Packaging 9/10
I was so happy to see this packaging when it it came through the door, and as soon as i saw the colouring of it I automatically assumed it was for me. No only was it pink, but it was a sexy hot pink which is one of my favourite shades in the spectrum. The package came within 5 days which is the average delivery time for most companies. It also had the word 'fragile' on it, however that did not stop the mail man from shoving it through the post box!

Wrapping 8.5/10
I dont think ive ever been so happy to open a package as  I had been with this one. All the products were packed nicely inside some bubble wrapping paper which was tightly secured with a bright washi tape, which I carefully peeled away so i could reuse it in some way or another.
The eyeshadows were wrapped in small paper packets, sealed with washi tape. They also had little stickers on saying which product was which and also the contained ingredients. Unfortunately the information was not on the containers themselves which makes it difficult for me as a youtuber to name the product as I am using them in a youtube tutorial.
The highlighter packaging felt really solid but was sort of stiff when I opened it, which gave me hope that the product would be stable and secure, not cracking like my beloved MUA one.

Items 8/10
These have to be the most pigmented items I have ever used!
Being a little clueless I rubbed my finger into the item as hard as possible, thinking that as the items were so cheap (£3.90 each), that they would be hardly pigmented. As you can probably tell, I was wrong! The only downside was that the eyeshadows had no container, however you can purchase a magnetic one to keep the all together. Seeing how much I am in love with these eyeshadows the lovely lady who owns the sop has offered to send me a whole collection of them!
The highlighter was also perfectly pigmented and I am excited to use the product very soon, which you will be able to see on my youtube channel! I loved the mix of colours as It was very different to something that I would usually use.
When that video is up the link will be here

Compared 4/10
I prefer pigmented products and these are the best that I have ever used. However, if you hate pigmented products then these would not be your cup of tea whats so ever. Products would be better if they were in a package though as the lose eyeshadows will be troublesome to store!
The highlighter was much more pigmented to my other ones so I am looking forward to adding it to my every day makeup routine.

Would I recommend? 37.5/50 
YES (By 75%)



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