Liv, what has your life come to? You probably started wondering as soon as you realized that I was reviewing tampons,  however if you haven't realised that then you do now, today I am reviewing tampons...

A few days ago I got an email from a company called 'TOTM' who asked me if I wanted to review some of their 'Lady Problem' products. I was just going to ignore it until my curiosity got the best of me and I found myself clicking the link to the website to see that these were 'special' tampons. No, the don't magically stop your flow forever or turn into puppies like the digestives in the latest digestives advert (Not gonna lie, that advert gives me life!), however they are said to be all natural, without any added chemicals, which is much better for your baby tunnel. They are also biodegradable which means they are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms, thereby avoiding pollution. They can be sent to you each month and are delivered to you in discreet packaging (This would be good for ye'old farmer out there who live in the middle of no wear ehyy??)

The outer packing is super smart and has the company's logo printed on the front of the box, I got supper because IT'S NOT MY FAULT I HAVE A HEAVY FLOW AND A WIDE-SET VAGINA; 

If you didn't get that reference please kindly exit whilst taking the mean girls bible with you...

I opened the box to see some very large tampons wrapped in a cute green packet. My first thought was 'Where do you hide these in your school bag' because as you can see they are very, very large, like why do you need blood plugs this big?

Compared to other tampon sizes, From Left, TOTM, Lil-lets, Tampax, As you can see these are more discreetly sized

Nethertheless I kept my opinions aside and opened the packet to see cardboard applicatirs.


I never even knew that cardboard applicators existed and now i'm questioning about why they exist? If you do not use tampons then you might not know that the average tampon has a plastic applicator. When I saw them i got genuinely scared and now i'm petrified at the thought of sticking them in my Bajingo...

Im not sure if I've ever told this story but once on a plane back from german I gave kids in the year below a tampon lesson which involved me dunking a tampon into a hot chocolate that the nice easyjet lady gave to me? Well I decided to recreate that but instead of hot chocolate, I dunked it into a simple cup of water.

If the size and applicator material wasn't strange enough the tampon went into a square shape, yes a square shape. Im not really sure what to say about that instead of whyyy! Why would you want to pull a red square out of your Vajayjay??

Compared to the other shapes I would much rather not have this in me...

Final Points:
Its Bio-degradable
100% Organic
Farmers who harvest the cotton are well payed (But there was not fare-trade symbol so im slightly suspicious)
Dissolve naturally in Landfill

Super large
Non Discrete
Scary Shape

Would I recommend it?
Seeing as Im slightly afraid to use this I would say not, however they still sell pads which could be slightly better, however I cannot think of any worse than sitting on a blood filled cotton sheet all day long!


5/10 (The Size)





  1. For the longest time I would not use a tampon. Before when I was a virgin they just hurt. And I got freaked out by stories of women who have to get theirs surgically removed because it goes up too far, or women who go into shock because they don't remove theirs. These are obviously random, rare cases, but when you're young and that's one of the first, few things you hear about tampons, it'll scare you for a while. I hate fear tactics -__-

    Anyway, I've been trying to find the right tampons now that I'm older, but I have a hard time. I may still check this out, but that shape does seem off-putting. Thanks for sharing your review!

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