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Hello Gorgeous 

Im so sorry guys for not being able to post anything for a while but it is because I have exams currently and my education comes before anything else, however much I love blogging!
Even though I have been revising a lot I also make time to make myself look 10000X better whenever I go out during evenings with my family, so I have had a bit of free time to figure out my current makeup routine!

Before doing anything I also think that it is key to prep your face and make your surface as smooth as possible (as no artist wants to be working on a rough canvas, so before even priming my face I will was it with my Clearasil Ultra 5in1 Wash. I apply this product using circular motions around my face and then I leave it on for 3 minuets whilst I am brushing my teeth. Then, using a clean flannel I  rinse it off and pat my face dry with a towel.
Straigh after I have washed my face i will apply my Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Shine Be Gone Mattifying Moisturiser. Whilst this is sinking into my face I will usually do my hair.

The first step to my makeup routine is applying a primer. I have very oily skin so I find the Smashbox Pore Minimizing Photo Finish to be a perfect way to mineralise to oily and shine. Then using a damp Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge  I apply my Mac pro longwear foundation in small sections all over my face. 
Then, using the nyx contour stick I contour my nose by drawing two line down the outer bridge of my nose and highlight the middle.

I then draw two lines down my cheekbones using the same product to give them much more definition.

I then use one of the MUA Cream blushes as little dots from my temple to my mid cheek.
To set all of my cream contour I use my MAC studio fix powder and my Zoeva Buffing Brush.

At the moment I am loving bold brows so I have been using the Soap and Glory Archrey pencil. What I love about this product is how the pencil part is really thin so that you can really define your eyebrows, and the other end is a brush to that you can get rid of any harsh unnatural lines.
Then, whatever contouring you did with your cream products, you want to go over then with your powder products, so for the dark contour I have been using the Avon bronzing pearls and for my highlight I have been using the MUA Highlighter
Because I have always been so rushed recently I have never had enough time to do a full shadow look, but If you are wondering about my style of look that I usually create, check out this tutorial!

To finish off any look I always have to have a bold mascara and the one that I have been loving alot recently is the Benifit they're real mascara! This makes my lashes look so long and I always have multiple people asking me if they are real or not! 

So that is my daily makeup tutorial! I hope you enjoyed the couple of GIFS that I encluded! The tutorial that they are from is My contour Routine Video which is currently up on my youtube channel!
I really hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you guys later!



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