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So I have been wearing make up for a while now, but one of the main things that I remember from my virgin-makeup days was that I was always so confused about what I actually needed to to make my face look polished and perfect. So, because of the amazing person that I am, I've decided to construct a little list for all you new-bies out there to make your leap in the make up world as smooth and enjoyable as possible! A few things in this post I am going to be explaining in there own post as this is the first in my 'Starter Series'
One key thing to remember when started off with make up is that practise makes perfect! Do not expect to get a perfect winger liner or your contour fleeking with your first attempt, I've been wearing make up for years and years and I still struggle with getting the perfect wing!
Also, done feel pressured to go to high end products straight away, I recommend starting with drug-store brands like Rimmel, maybelline ext, before you cashing out for high-end brands like Mac and Channel.

Face Makeup
Primer is your new best friend if you are keen for your make up not to slip off your face during the day! One of the biggest mistakes that I did during my beginner days was totally ignoring the primer set in my make up routine. A great primer also reduces your pores and can stop your face from looking as red and as blotchy.
 I recommend the Maybelline 'Baby Skin' as it is refreshing and keeps your make up staying put all day. It is also a cheaper dupe of the 'porefessional by benefit'

Foundation is great for evening out your skin to give it a more polished and flawless look. I always think of foundation as the cement holding the bricks together in the house, too little and it will not look fully covered and too much, it will over flow and everything will go wrong. Your foundation will also be the cross-road between the 'my make up looks like a five year old has done it' and the 'my face is as perfect as Kylie Jenners' look
One of the largest mistakes that you can make with foundation us putting too much on, It will make it will make your face look caked and messy. You also want to make sure you blend all of your make up in so that you have no 'Tramp Lines' (These are them really ugly orange lines on your face which will make your make up look childish and unpolished)
I recommend the Rimmel Match Perfection as I used this until I started to use more High-end products!

Livs Tip: The key is blending the colour, when Applying, make sure the colour matches your neck and blend all the way to your hairline and ears.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of concealer as it can sometimes make my foundation looked caked. Concealer is great for covering blemishes and under eye circles. For under eye circles you want to purchase one with a creamy consistency to decrease the chances of creasing You have probably heard about this product before, but the concealer that I am recommending is the Collection lasting perfection. Not only does it last for a long time (Tried and tested by yours truly) But it also gives your under eye circles a bright finish. 
You could also use this product for blemishes but I recommend getting the 'Rimmel Wake Me Up' As this is the one that I always used to use and I find it to be amazing!!!

Livs Tip: Avoid concealer sticks at all cost as they are told to block up your pores! Liquid concealer are much more effective and easier to blend out.

The main job of powder is to mainly set your foundation and concealer in place. Powder can be re-applied during the day to reduce shininess on the face. One of the tricky tips with powder is to not apply to much as it can make your face looked caked and thick, so you want to apply just enough to erase any shininess and to set your make up. Whenever applying powder try to use a large brush. I always like to use 'this one' by real techniques, but If you are thinking of purchasing it I recommend buying the whole core collection set at it contains all the tools you need for your kit! and I always carry it around with me during the day for touch ups!
I always used the Rimmel Stay Matte powder as it made my face look matte all day and gave my face a flawless finish.

I'm not going to go too much into contouring in this post as I'm going to make another one completely dedicated to it! 
The basics of contouring are Bronzing, Blushing and Highlighting or BBH
Bronzing is use to give a tanned colour to this face but to also define certain features. 
Blush is used to give colour to the face to make your look more natural.
Highlight is used to give a glow to your face and to also draw attention to certain features.
For contouring, my favourite products all come from MUA. MUA is legitimately the cheapest make up that you can buy in super drug and it always give me great results and my friends always rave about how amazing some of there products are. When staring off with contouring I recommend using power products and not moving onto cream products until you are more advanced. Here are the products I recommend:
Bronzer- MUA Bronzer
Blush- MUA Blush (These goodies are only £1 TOTAL BARGAIN) 
Highlighter- MUA Undress Your Skin (I have been using this product for as long as I can remember and I still find it to be the best that you can buy

Eye Makeup
Its only been very recently that my eye shadow skills have started to improve! One of my top tips for applying eye shadow is to always apply a primer!. When I was starting out with make up I always forgot to apply this so I was always confused about why my colours were not showing as bold as I wanted them to! The primer that I recommend is this B. Fixed eyeshadow primer
Whenever looking at eye shadows themselves I always go for pallets over single shadows as I find that the colours in a pallet always compliment each other and even if your lucky, they give you instructions on the back. 
If I ever even think about eye shadows, my mind wonders to the amazing Tanya Burr and her beautiful pallets! Even if you have been wearing make up forever and are just reading this for a refresher, I really recommend that you go out and purchase one of her sets as they are just simply magical! My favourite is the Tanya Burr Fairytale Eye Palette

They always say that the eyes are the window to the soul, so it is always important to give them a really nice frame! I have alot of favourites but I have manage to select my favourite one!
My favourite is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara! It gives massive volume and never clumps up!

Lipstick is simple but effective! The one that you use can alter your whole face look! You can go for a classic red for a more chic look, or a nude if your going natural!
I have always been a fan of rimmel lipsticks but you can really wear any lipstick that you like! It is a no brainer really!

Livs Tip: Always make sure you line your lip so you have no harsh smudges!




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