OOTD : Chic and Street

OOTD: Chic And Street
Jumper: This jumper is the most stretchy comfortable roll neck that you could possibly buy! During the Autumn/Winter 2016 season I have been obsessed with high neck/ turtle neck sweaters and jumpers so much that I have a million of these thrown around my room in my 'floor-drobe', Not only can you buy these in black (which I find to be my signature autumn colour) but you can also get them in a variety of different colours for all shapes and sizes! 
Jeans: These jeans are one of the newest items of clothing that I have added to my overly large collection recently. I purchased them for own clothes day -AKA Judgement day at an all girls comprehensive school- so that I could fit more into the latest fashion trend as I have seen multiple people wearing these all around the area where I live so obvc I had to go and grab my own pair. Not only do these look stylish but they are super comfortable to wear as they are stretchy and soft.
Gilet: I went and brought one of these for when I went to the Capital jingle bell ball (or jungle bell ball as we like to call it) with Chummy and her wonderful mother who was generous enough to buy a starved teenager pizza and diet coke (me!). I found it increasingly difficult to find a gilet that fit my short figure as many of them drowned me out and made me look like a posh ginger Eskimo who arrived to hunting beach wearing ski equipment when the un-official dress code was a bikini under shorts. After all the shopping struggles I managed to find one that fit my figure and didn't go down to my ankles.
Bag: Unfortunately my bag was not in this image but I took my channel-lookalike one that mi famila got me for Christmas. Even though it is quite small I managed to get my Paul's Boutique purse, phone, key and bus pass into it! I am addicted to this bag because it can give any outfit the 'this outfit took me 3 hours to plan look'

**The makeup that I wore today was much more on the classy side.**
Eyes: For once I put down my favourite Naked 1 pallet and grabbed the dusk-collecting Naked 3 pallet that I was yet to use. I really wanted a chic look so I stuck to a dark brown on my outer crease and blended it up to just bellow my brow bone and then I highlighted my brow bone where my eyebrow arched with the lightest colour on the pallet. I then added a darker brown on my outer crease and then a pink shimmery shade across the whole of my lid. 
This time I applied my eye shadow before I applied my faced make up so that I could clear up the glittery fallout from under my eyes which I expected to get as I always apply an obscene amount of shimmery eye-shadow as I want it to stand out among the rest of my face.
Lips: Yesterday when I was shopping about London with Chummy we popped into Selfridge's so that I could finally purchase some of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream's. For my lips I used the whole of the 'London' Colour across the whole of my lips and then I used 'athens' along the inner edges of my lips near where the meet. I went for a very Kyle Jenner lip colour because I have been inspired by her alot recently.

(Our Mini Feast)
The Most Exciting Events Of The Day
  • Met my Queens Jodie, Maxine and Danielle on the bus
  • We went into the promise land AkA Nandos so we could feast on chicken and unlimited refillable drinks. I obviously went for a  coke zero because I have an unhealthy obsession to the stuff.
  • We then raided sainsburys to purchase a ship load of junk food that we could pig-out on
  • All us then proceeded on the trek in Artic-like conditions to Jodies house so that s
     he could force us to watch greace live whilst we ate all of the junk food that easily could have fed an army. 
 **Fangirl Moment Alert**
Im now going to have a massive fan girl moment and express my love for Jordan Fisher who may I say can marry me any day. Like literally every time he waltzed onto the screen I dropped whatever I was doing so that I could stare at his beautiful face. He was also in teen beach movie 1+2 but he looks a hella' lot more buff in grease live
**Fangirl Moment Over**

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