Day Out In London

 Hello My Beauties,

So most of you are aware, whether you spent it in your warm, cozy bed watching Netlix and eating a whole box of chocolate to yourself (Dont be ashamed I have done this wayyy to much in the past!), Spent it with your boyfriend or Husband on an amazing date (You lucky person), or with your best friends making fun of the people in instagramble-worthy relationships whilst drowning your sorrows in a cup of coffee which was 100000% not what I did.  
It was valentines day yesterday AKA the day where half of the world is out spending it with a guy or girl and the rest of us watch and feel all alone. I wasn't spending it with some guy because relationships suck and I don't even want a boyfriend at the moment, or spending it alone watching the notebook and sobbing my eyes out! 
 So instead of those tragic chains of events me and my crazy Best Friend Natasha, who has an amazing blog that you should totally go and check out decided to make the exhausting trek up to London to do sightseeing, shopping and blog-image taking by all the white marble houses and million-pond mansions around the Bond Street area! 
We went in sooo many shops and I spend wayyyy to much money of my Debit Card so it looks like I wont be going shopping any time soon!

What I'm Wearing
Jumper: This super cosy jumper from Pink, I couldn't find the same one so this is the closet that I could find!
Collar: I found this collar last year from river island. It isn't a full collar it is more like a necklace that you button up! It is super useful because you get the whole collar effect without being boiling hot
Jeans: These jeans are from Topshop. They are supper stretchy so it feels like you are wearing leggings and not really uncomfortable jeans all day
Shoes- Converse
Ring: I got this ring from Pandora for Christmas and I am in love with it. I feel as though it goes with every fashion piece and it always give a delicate touch to every style.
Drink: I cannot go anywhere without my Starbucks drink. I usually order and medium, skinny latte with whipped cream. I always have to add the whipped cream because it makes it alot more creamier 

As always I popped into LUSH and had a glance about there new valentines collection. Sadly though, I found it very disappointing as all of the scents smelled very man made and not as natural as they had in previous years. Although this happened, I always find that I have a need to purchase something so I got the 'KISS' Lip scrub and a Bath bomb.

If you are dying to see all my purchases in the last few weeks click on the link bellow to be taken to the video on my YouTube channel!

'Link Not Available Just Yet'
But you can go and watch another one of my videos -Here-



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