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Hello Mi Beauties <3 
So today I went out with a bunch of my friends and I was really happy with how my outfit turned out. I would have loved to wear my hair extensions but my hair is meant to be away from my right ear at the moment because I go a new helix piercing and my hair is not meant to get tangled in it! I have been receiving a lot of requests about my experience of getting my new piecing and I'm going to be a writing a new post and filming a video on it in a few weeks so that it can heal a bit before!
The Two girls in the picture above are my really close friends Megan and Eve, both who's fashion I obsess over! Megan's style is very girly and bold and I love all of her fashion choices as she loved to take a lot of risks and they always work! She also makes her eye make up correspond with her glasses which I LOVE and obsess over so much!
Myself and Eves style is very similar as we like to follow trends and put our own twist on our styles! We both use Mac make up and she always tells me to try out 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick so that is on my shopping list!
I'm Trying to convince them both to start blogging so hopefully you can expect to see there fashion in the future!
Highlighter: MUA Undress Your Skin
Eyeshadow Primer: Uraban Decay Primer Potion

Jumper: Topshop
Gilet: Forever21
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Office
Bag: Michael Kors (They no longer sell my one but this is the closet I could Find!)



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